With over 15 years of experience in business at Loujien Air Conditioning Equipment LLC, Rabie Akela is known for designing, developing and implementing the first and largest energy metering network for thermal energy meters in the Emirate of Ajman, UAE. 

While pursuing his university studies, he developed the inventory database in 2004 during session breaks. The database remains the core of the logistics department until this day. 

He later joined his family’s business in Dubai in 2005. Rabie took over several positions including Human Resources Manager and Project Management Advisor besides IT Manager. He later moved to Ajman and established a branch closer to customers. He is currently handling the daily operations of the business from Sharjah office including design, estimation, project management, maintenance and HVAC services. 

Besides Information Technology, Energy and HVAC, Rabie Akela is also interested in real estate and acts as an international advisor to WMA Real Estate GmbH in Germany. 

  • Started programming BASIC (Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instuction Code) at the age of 9. 
  • Started generating spreadsheets for inventory control for his family business at the age of 13. 
  • Completed coding of NHEAT (Heat Load Calculation Program) for HVAC family business. 
  • Skipped years 7 and 12 of school in the UAE. Granted entrance to University in Australia at the age of 16. 
  • Won the People’s Choice Award by the Informatics Faculty for a one-year project in 2002. 
Positions Held
  • Master of Information & Communication Technology (with Distinction), University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
  • Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology (Internet Commerce), University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
  • Ethics for the Built Environment (ASHRAE)
  • Thermal Comfort (ASHRAE)
  • Construction Scheduling (CUNY)
  • Evaporators (ASHRAE) 
  • Construction Project Management (CUNY) 
  • Electrical and Refrigerant Controls (Carrier) 
  • Blockchain Essential (IBM)
  • Blockchain Foundation Developer (IBM)
  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Editor 
  • HVAC&R Controls (ASHRAE)
  • Humidity Control Design (ASHRAE)
  • Metering Devices (Carrier)
  • Occupant Comfort & Health (ASHRAE)
  • Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality (ASHRAE)
  • Compressors (CARRIER)
  • Condensers (CARRIER)
  • Developer’s Guide to Internet of Things (IBM)  
  • Branch Manager (2008 – Present)  
  • Human Resources Manager (2006 – Present) 
  • Project Manager (2017 – Present) 
  • Contract Manager (2016 – Present) 
  • Head of Services Department (2007 – Present) 
  • Client Representative (2014 – Present)