about Rabie Akela

Business Management

I am the 2nd generation in a family business. During my early years after joining my father’s business, I was advised by many to work in other companies and return to my father’s business after I gain experience working for large multi-national companies given I hold a master degree. My response has always been: one year of work under my father is equivalent to five years at other companies, if not more. In the first five years after joining my father’s business in 2005, I established two department (Services Department & the IT Department), was assigned as the Human Resources Manager for over 200 people, established branches in two cities (Sharjah and Ajman), generated revenue from maintenance contracts in three cities, introduced cooling energy metering and completed the first and largest energy metering network in the Ajman city, gained advanced skills in accounting, finance, project management, contracting, maintenance, and much more.   

Services Management

Serving people is my passion. I wanted to bring value to my customers through establishing the Service Department at our company in 2008. Back then, my goal was to maintain relationships with existing customers long after a construction project is delivered. A decade later, I feel proud to have expanded our customer base while serving tens of thousands of people by solving problems and making their air conditioners work efficiently. I maintain an open-door policy, where I can be easily reached by anyone and everyone. I am known as the “Air Conditioning Shepherd” to my customers, and have always stood up to my slogan: “Always at your service”.  

Project Management

Nothing beats the excitement of a new project, while the sense of satisfaction is incomparable when a project is complete. I work on projects from the early stages from design and planning, and all the way through execution until delivery. In a project environment, every day is an opportunity to learn something new and meet great people. The project coordination has allowed me to gain advanced problem solving skills and experience in several fields while working closely with architects, civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers. Besides air conditioning in a project environment, I always find it interesting to work and learn about other systems including piling, columns and beams, block works, fire fighting, electrical and low currant, plumbing, access control, lifts, aluminium, glass, wood works, and much more. 

about me (in numbers)

Years of Experience in Business, Services, and Projects Management
Certificates including BSc, MSc, and Development Courses.
HVAC Projects managed, delivered since 2007
People managed as a Human Resources Manager since 2006
Maintenance Contracts signed as a Services Manager since 2008
Cooling Energy Meters installed in three cities since 2007.

Construction Project Management
Construction Project Scheduling
Ethics for the Built Environment
HVAC Systems
HVAC Design
Internet of Things
Humidity Control
Indoor Air Quality
Metering Devices
Occupant Comfort & Health
Ventilation & Thermal Comfort
Quality Management

Continuous Development

I am a believer in continuous development. It allows me to manage my own development on an ongoing basis. I do not consider certificates as a confirmation to the knowledge gained as much as it is documenting progress, and most important to progress from basic know-how to more advanced, mature, and complex understanding. Non of the certificates were requirements. They are self-directed and driven by me.


Other Interests

  • Architecture (Baroque/Renaissance, Ottoman, Modern) 

  • Photography 

  • Sports (Diving, River Rafting) 

  • Travelling (Nature and Culture)

about rabieakela.com

The purpose of this website is to document my journey and in the process, giving value to as many people as possible by providing straight advice through my experiences with air-conditioning, contracting, construction, real estate, technology and other areas of life.


A Message from Rabie

I feel very lucky to get to connect with so many people. Whenever I have the chance, I set aside a few minutes to share what I am learning here at rabieakela.com. Thanks for reading.